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The Elder Scrolls On the web has sold 1.5m copies due to the fact E3

The Elder Scrolls On-line has sold 1.5m copies in the past eight months or so, Zenimax says.

Based on game director Matt Firor, the MMO has sold eight.5m copies in total - up in the 7m Zenimax announced at last year's E3.

He produced no mention of an active player count, or active subscription numbers.

Even so, following a shaky get started, The Elder Scrolls On the internet seems to possess gone from strength to strength.

Zenimax turned points around by producing a subscription optional, after which through an incredibly successful launch on console.

Earlier this month it announced that the game's subsequent important expansion will be Morrowind, which will probably bring in even more players.

"We are now at seven million persons playing considering that launch we said at E3, and that number is even larger now," Firor told us last August.

"So we've got an extremely huge neighborhood, and I believe it definitely goes down to studying by listening to players over the last two years; what they really want, and evaluate how they play by looking at game metrics and every thing.

"Reading forums, reading direct feedback, figuring out what they're saying, and generating content material and systems that meet that. And I think we've been actually, genuinely, really superior at that, and the good results kinda speaks for itself. That really steered the game inside a improved direction right after launch. That's how we did it."

This entry is posted on February 14 ,2017