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ESOSell Blogs
  • Handbook Issue of Adventurer – the number SevenAugust 20 ,2014

    It is to take a look at these player-made guides to get accustomed to ESO. It is back with some more guides made by the players to assist the other gamers in the journeys in Tamriel. There are many

  • Maintenance OF The Elder Scrolls OnlineAugust 18 ,2014

    It is to make the best back-story of this unlucky soul and gain some fantastic prizes. Everyone is not considered a hero. There are the remains of those that could not face the risks of Tamriel bei

  • Deliberation of Nightingale Statue being available as Pre-OrdersAugust 15 ,2014

    The players can catch the exclusive Skyrim Nightingale statue prior to it moves back into the shadows. The second of the Skyrim statues of the series in Gaming Heads is accessible for pre-order now

  • Visiting the booth of The Elder Scrolls Online at Gamescom 2014August 14 ,2014

    Gamescom in Cologne, Germany comes out as the biggest trade fair along with the occasion emphasizing the interactive games. There were more than 340,000 visitors at Gamescom in 2013.These visitors

  • Update III of Elder Scrolls Online becomes ActiveAugust 13 ,2014

    The player can personalize his armor with new dyes. It is to clam a guild store and more in the newest update. The Update III has come out on the live servers. It is introducing more customization,

  • Migration of European MegaserverAugust 12 ,2014

    The development team is taking the preparation of making the movement to the new datacenter. The players can find the detail answers of their questions. It is known that the many players have been

  • Elder Scrolls Online now being accessible on SteamAugust 11 ,2014

    The game is now accessible here. The Standard Edition is presently $29.99. The price of the Imperial Edition was $47.99. To play the game, the player needs an account of the website of Bethesda. Th

  • Introduction of Patch Notes in TESO v1.2.6August 8 ,2014

    There is the introduction of Patch Note, v1.2.6. This patch of The Elder Scrolls Online comes out as an incremental one as it covers some extra issues with gameplay, quests and many others. This on

  • Introduction of room to grow in update III in ESOAugust 7 ,2014

    There are all of these methods that have the diverse options to expand. The development team likes to know the works of the players and what thinking does not work. The team also prefers knowing th

  • Customization of guild and traders in Update III of Guild Wars IIAugust 6 ,2014

    The individual appearance is great. And the dye method expands it importantly. However, the guilds have their own recognitions as well. They are to be able to display them in Update III. The develo