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ESOSell Blogs
  • Migration of European MegaserverAugust 12 ,2014

    The development team is taking the preparation of making the movement to the new datacenter. The players can find the detail answers of their questions. It is known that the many players have been

  • Elder Scrolls Online now being accessible on SteamAugust 11 ,2014

    The game is now accessible here. The Standard Edition is presently $29.99. The price of the Imperial Edition was $47.99. To play the game, the player needs an account of the website of Bethesda. Th

  • Introduction of Patch Notes in TESO v1.2.6August 8 ,2014

    There is the introduction of Patch Note, v1.2.6. This patch of The Elder Scrolls Online comes out as an incremental one as it covers some extra issues with gameplay, quests and many others. This on

  • Introduction of room to grow in update III in ESOAugust 7 ,2014

    There are all of these methods that have the diverse options to expand. The development team likes to know the works of the players and what thinking does not work. The team also prefers knowing th

  • Customization of guild and traders in Update III of Guild Wars IIAugust 6 ,2014

    The individual appearance is great. And the dye method expands it importantly. However, the guilds have their own recognitions as well. They are to be able to display them in Update III. The develo

  • Continuation of dyes in Update 3 of Elder Scrolls OnlineAugust 5 ,2014

    The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that needs to feel prizing beyond the play- style of the player. The development team does not like to make the player become punished. It is meant that it is mak

  • Generation of ESO and the recognition with update IIIAugust 4 ,2014

    The Update III offers the new paths for the player and the guild is to be prominent. It is to be learned how these traits appeared. It is not overstated to personalize the character of the player w

  • Panel of QuakeCon offers an impressive Future of ESOAugust 1 ,2014

    ZeniMax Online Studios brought a two-hour panel at the yearly event, QuakeCon. The event takes place in Dallas Texas over the week-end in which the various developers of the recently released MMORP

  • The Lithograph of the Imperial City in The Elder Scrolls OnlineJuly 30 ,2014

    Only 300 prints of this stunning lithograph are being accessible. The players can place their orders in advance now. There is a restricted-version lithograph that is appearing to the Bethesda Store

  • The preparation of ESO with the recognition and Update 3July 29 ,2014

    The updated 3 brings the new paths for the player and the guild of the player is to be prominent. The players need to be learned about the features. The essentiality of personalizing the character