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ESOSell Blogs
  • The Elder Scrolls On the web has sold 1.5m copies due to the fact E3February 14 ,2017

    The Elder Scrolls On-line has sold 1.5m copies in the past eight months or so, Zenimax says.

    Based on game di

  • Matt Firor: 8.5 Million ESO Players At this time Primarily based On SalesFebruary 14 ,2017

    At an Elder Scrolls On-line press event, Matt Firor confirmed to our personal Bill Murphy that the game is sporting 8.five million players. At E3 2016, ESO had 7 mi

  • Elder Scrolls OL group Tucao Black Desert: P2W boringAugust 23 ,2016

    "Elder Scrolls OL" development group inside the exhibition held in Cologne player bar activity within the producer Q & A session, "Elder Scrolls OL" development team, said,

  • B Company: "The Elder Scrolls 6" shortly just before the release of info won't be soldAugust 22 ,2016

    Not too long ago, Bethesda Softworks have China announced the most recent series, "The Elder Scrolls 6" has reached the stage of development. Now previously as "The Elder Scr

  • Card game "The Elder Scrolls: Legend" open Computer platform betaAugust 9 ,2016

    Organization B on Quakecon show announced a brand new card as "The Elder Scrolls: The Legend," the official open beta in Pc platform, players only should download the game to play

  • Card Battle Strategy B club "The Elder Scrolls: The Legend" open testAugust 8 ,2016

    "The Elder Scrolls: The Legend" is usually a renowned single "Elder Scrolls" series of games derived in the original adventure ARPG high degree of freedom becomes a no c

  • Company B capricious as the Skyrim, media speculation where "Elder Scrolls 6" goAugust 2 ,2016

    For a distance of "Shangguan Scrolls V: Skyrim" has now been just about 5 years, we can realize that some years time Company B are busy, "Fallout 4" Logically speaking Organizat

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Unique Edition, On the list of Pc Games You must Play in the Next Half Year, Do not Miss It!July 26 ,2016

    "The Elder Scrolls 5" It really is as well excellent - we often good to neglect that it's a 2011 game. Even nowadays, 5 years later, the sky Steam players on the internet in the s

  • 'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date update: Game isn't however in development, says BethesdaJuly 21 ,2016

    "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" is arguably the most successful in "The Elder Scrolls" series of action role-playing fantasy open planet video games from Bethesda Game Studios. Bu

  • "Elder Scrolls OL" added garment dyeing system Member Free UnlockJuly 18 ,2016

    "Elder Scrolls OL" recently joined the European and American clothing stained clothing method, from now on players can give their clothing, hats add new colors. There are two approaches t