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    This year's E3 convention, Bethesda did not bring as well a lot of surprises, the players appear forward for the

    lengthy "Elder Scrolls 6" failed to appear, but ushered wi

  • Comparable official DLC "The Elder Scrolls 5" Drama Mod most recent trailer exposureJune 28 ,2016

    While Organization B has been disclosed within the E3 2016 during the "Elder Scrolls five: Skyrim Specific Edition" game, but it didn't dispel the god Mod who's "The Elder Sc

  • "Elder Scrolls OL" new content added to spring forward next year Housing ProgramJune 21 ,2016

    This year E3, game director Matt Firor stated in an interview, "The Elder Scrolls OL" underground city will join inside the future, customized solutions and housing systems of the

  • Combining various attributes deck battle "Elder Scrolls: Legends" Beta version of expertiseJune 20 ,2016

    "Elder Scrolls" series is usually stated to become one of several finest representatives of contemporary Europe and fantasy role-playing game, as well as the majority of your game globe a

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    Bethesda Game Studios game director Todd Howard (Todd Howard) said in an interview at E3, the new "Elder Scrolls 6" is in complete improvement, but as a way to meet together with the play

  • "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" HD remake or announced in this year's E3June 13 ,2016

    In Youtube's weblog program MrMattyPlays, the industry's top revelations Good God shinobi602 represents Bethesda will probably be announced at this year's E3 "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyr

  • Sign in with potatoes clearance "Elder Scrolls 5"June 12 ,2016

    Tubing user BOOM, LLC Robotater potato recently playing "The Elder Scrolls 5: the sky," As for specifically how to achieve, he also wrote a tutorial on Steam, if the family has not eat po

  • "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" will launch a high-definition remakeJune 8 ,2016


    Youtube blog in the program MrMattyPlays in, shinobi602 represents Bethesda will be announced at this year's E3 "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" The HD heavy plate for the pla

  • Elder Scrolls OL: Dark Brotherhood DLC on-line anti-plug method upgradeJune 6 ,2016
    "Elder Scrolls OL" "Dark Brotherhood" DLC Pc platform was officially landed yesterday (US time May perhaps 31), while the official release from the videos for sale. "Dark Brotherhood" price tag of t
  • B club 5 new tour guess "Elder Scrolls 6" will emerge?May 31 ,2016

    You'll find ten days time, the 2016 E3 game exhibition will be officially opened. Bethesda is undoubtedly among the focus of everyone's focus, they're going to be released on quite a few ne